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Friday, January 30, 2015

1986 C-10 Chevrolet. Marfa, Texas.

Dairy Maid. Lisbon Falls, Maine. And where's Downeast?

Ici en Maine when the town's name includes the word "Falls", it always means a mill town, or--more likely these days--an ex-mill town. When the name incorporates the word "port", the town is on the coast, so expect to may more for real estate. In the 19th century, when the lobster fishery wasn't much to speak of, and before the summah people discovered the Maine coast, it was the mill towns by the falls on the rivers (Saco, Mousam, Kennebec, Androscoggin, Penobscot) that prospered. (Or at least the mill owners did). These days it's coastal towns with their shorefront and high real estate valuations that have bigger tax bases and, generally, better schools and services.
Of course's there's Bucksport, which is a mill town that happens to be on the coast. Make that an ex-mill town: the Verso paper mill shut down for good last month, after 75 years. The mill's been sold off to some Canadian scrap metal dealers.
That's one big divide in Maine: between the coast and everywhere else. Although the coast of Washington County--downeast--has more in common with upriver Maine than the rest of the coast. Fewer tourists and summer people. There used to be a sardine industry (and sardine-canning industry) on the downeast coast but that's defunct: it's all lobsters now. The Gulf of Maine has become one big lobster farm.
People have different notions as to where 'downeast' begins, and it's probably a moving target. Probably used to be anything east of Bath. These days some people consider anything east of Belfast as downeast but I'd say Downeast starts east of Mount Desert Island.

1929 Ford Model A

From Colin Washburn, in the Sierra foothills:
"1929 Ford Model A, driven nearly every day by restorer extraordinaire Bobby Guimarin, of Jamestown, Calif."--CRW

Coastal Bait, Union Wharf, Portland Maine



Chevy Trucks. Helena, Montana. Terence Corrigan photo.

Terence Corrigan photo, from his piece in  the Helena (Montana) Independent Record.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Autodesk Gallery, San Francisco & the 1963 Ford Falcon Club Van

 from Michael Moore:
"You know it's da bomb when the tow truck driver has to take it's picture! ...that one's outside Shawn's studio in Alameda."--MSM
Follow the link for more on Shawn HibmaCronan's van project, Love, Inertia and the Perfect Stance.

Looking for a Summah Car? 1967 Chevrolet Caprice station wagon.

Maybe you saw our posts a few months back on summah cars. There's 16 in. of new snow outside, more coming tomorrow. We're thinking....summah!
This would be a perfect candidate for a summah car. Great for going slow on backroads with all windows down and picnic gear in the back. For sale at Hemmings.
And have a look at last summah's 1963 Bonneville